About e21 EnergyPlus

e21 EnergyPlus is about reducing energy consumption, maintain cost control and improving energy and emission performance. e21 EnergyPlus offers freedom and confidence to businesses with an accurate and independent solution, reducing reliance on internal resources and providing customised access to different levels of staff.

Sample reports are available from the menu above to provide an indication of some capabilities of the system, there are a range of additional reports and features that are available which aren't presented here - contact us for a demonstration of all the features of e21 EnergyPlus.

If you are a registered customer and don't have a login, you can request access by going to the 'Login' screen and clicking the link 'Submit your name for access to the system', then wait for authorisation to be undertaken - this happens manually. If you need to speed up your access, contact your Client Manager.

Once logged in, this is the starting point for access to your live data. Some notes before you begin: Some data will usually have been entered by e21 EnergyPlus representatives so most of the initial set up will have been completed.

An Executive Summary of the status of your organisation will be presented on the home page after you have logged in. From this screen you can navigate to any other area to perform input operations or to view entered data and various reports.

Screenshot of the home page of E21