The original energy management, verification and validation software

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e21 EnergyPlus is the original energy management validation and verification software. As a comprehensive solution, e21 EnergyPlus provides electricity bill verification and consumption tracking to offer a complete online energy management tool.

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e21 EnergyPlus assists customers to verify their electricity accounts in the competitive electricity market and manage energy consumption over a virtually unlimited number of sites while identifying billing errors.

e21 EnergyPlus offers freedom and confidence to businesses with an accurate and independent solution, reducing reliance on internal resources and providing customised access to different levels of staff.

The multi-dimensional approach used by e21 EnergyPlus enables its users to achieve fundamental business and environmental goals:

  • Reduce Reduce energy consumption
  • Maintain Maintain cost control
  • Perform Improve energy performance
  • Emissions Improve emissions performance

Why e21 EnergyPlus?

The way in which you purchase electricity is in a state of change with each successive Government. This industry is defined as the production, transport and sale of electricity to you, the customer.

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Each invoice consists of a combination of contractual and regulated charges so simply working out the real cost is difficult. e21 EnergyPlus simplifies this process.

Check the figures given to you by your supplier with actual rates generated from your own contract together with the appropriate regulated and associated charges sourced directly.


Generate a range of graphs to assist you in detecting irregularities in your electricity bill over one or many sites.

Because emissions are calculated for each site from billed consumption data, there is essentially a double entry validation of emissions data as part of cost verification. e21 EnergyPlus can then report emissions by period and by site groups.

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