About us

With the commencement of the National Electricity Market (NEM) in 1998 came more complex billing arrangements and due to a large number of network charges and location determined loss factors, the result was in a rise in Retail Electricity Bill errors. Customers needed confidence and certainty in the form of billing verification for their electricity usage and costs, and so e21 EnergyPlus (then Electricity 21) was born.





In 2008, a web-based solution was launched, leading to a rapid increase in customers. Integration of half hour meter data directly from meter providers meant an independent verification that completely bypassed Retailer billing systems. E21 also expanded from tracking Electricity to Gas and now incorporates the tracking of all energy resources. e21 EnergyPlus has been designed and developed by energy pricing specialists in Australia, specifically for Australia. This gives e21 EnergyPlus a unique advantage, having the ability to provide customer service in direct response to the individual needs of customers.

The ongoing growth and development of e21 EnergyPlus has resulted in a comprehensive, near real-time, management of energy and costs solution across an unlimited number of sites, including interstate sites. e21 EnergyPlus continues to evolve, embracing embedded networks and behind the meter solar generation, ensuring customers have access to the very best tools they need to optimise and track energy usage and cost.



Peter Halyburton
Principal and Director Bachelor of Science (Technology) in Electrical Engineering, University of Newcastle Master of Business Administration, University of Newcastle Fellow, Institution of Engineers Australia Fellow, Australian Institute of Energy

Peter founded Energy and Management Services in 1996 after an extensive career in the Electricity Supply Business culminating in CEO roles in Macquarie Electricity, Western Power and Advance Energy. The company specialises in all aspects of energy advice. This includes energy audits, energy procurement, the negotiation of connection arrangements, supply contracts and the design, analysis and construction of electricity supplies. The company has provided consultancy services to a wide range of private and Government organisations and Regulatory Authorities and is considered expert in electricity pricing. Strategic advice has been provided to a number of large greenfield projects including energy costing for Bankable Feasibility Studies.

In 1998 as the National Electricity Market started to extend to larger numbers of customers, it became evident that customers required detailed checking of electricity accounts and after a couple of failed attempts Peter, Mark and Ian joined forces to develop Electricity 21 as it was first known. Dubbo City Council and Fletcher International Exports were foundational customers and it was not long before significant errors were detected and refunds obtained for both customers.

With continued development and, with conversion to a web based multi-commodity solution, the company and customer numbers have grown so that e21 EnergyPlus now services over 7000 C&I and SME sites across Australia securing hundreds of thousands of dollars of refunds and energy savings annually.

Mark Loaney
Director / Webmaster / Developer Bachelor of Engineering (Civil), University of Newcastle Master of Business Administration (Technology Management), La Trobe University

Mark has over 25 years' experience in Local Government, commencing at Dubbo City Council in 1988 then continuing at Brisbane, Mudgee and Orange City Councils until 2011. Mark held senior management positions for nearly 20 years across the Councils. At the end of 2011 he commenced his full time consulting practice assisting Dubbo, Orange, Singleton, and several other Council's with implementation of Asset Systems and Strategies.

He has worked with a number of organisations to develop frameworks to improve their Asset Management processes and trained staff in the use of Asset Management Software to facilitate their compliance with Integrated Planning and Reporting requirements.

Mark developed the first commercial iteration of e21 EnergyPlus (then Electricity21) in Microsoft Access back in 1999 when he established Oranasoft. He then converted the system into a Web Based solution in 2008 and continues to deliver enhancements and process improvements to this solution to ensure that information is timely, easy to access and interrogate.

Andrew Halyburton
Senior Energy Analyst Bachelor of Science, University of Newcastle

Andrew has a keen attention to detail and a great ability to work with clients. As a result of his hard work, he has seen hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings.

Having developed a successful career in Pathology over 17 years, Andrew started working with e21 EnergyPlus in January 2011.

Andrew's primary role sees him focus on saving clients’ energy and money primarily through the use of e21 EnergyPlus. He has been working in this capacity for 10 years, uploading and checking data as well as analysing where required. Working closely with a variety of clients, Andrew has proved the ability for all clients to realise significant savings with the use of e21 EnergyPlus.

He has consistently identified errors in billing and has been involved in negotiations for the recovery of overcharges. He has also been closely involved in the Initiatives Module which tracks actual performance of sites that have commenced energy savings initiatives using real data and current charges.

Lovely Canales
e21 Billing Analyst Bachelor of Accounting, Cebu Roosevelt Memorial Colleges, Philippines Certificate Diploma of Bookkeeping

Lovely joined the team in January 2020, as a fulltime billing analyst for e21EnergyPlus. Having previously worked as bookkeeper responsible for maintaining an organisation’s key accounting records and day-to-day transaction, and admin who managed multiple systems to support the company’s operation, Lovely brings with her strong organisational and analytical skills. She focuses on data entry and analysis with e21 EnergyPlus and plays an integral part of the team.

Kate Halyburton
e21 Support Officer / Administration Bachelor of Business, University of Newcastle Advanced Diploma of Business Management, Australian Business Academy

Kate joined the team in September 2012, as a part time administration assistant for e21 EnergyPlus. Having previously handled multifaceted clerical and customer service tasks, Kate brings with her strong organisational and leadership skills. She also looks after a number of clients as well as her administrative tasks which encompasses both her training and work based competencies.