Resources - Report Samples

e21 EnergyPlus can produce a large range of customisable reports that can be filtered using a variety of parameters for all resources utilised.

Other Report Half Hour Power Monthly Report Water Annual Gas Daily Report Weekly Consumption
Consumption Report

Customise reports for

different Utilities including:

- Choice of Axes

- Aggregation

- Date ranges

- Sites / Groups

Emissions Report

Calculates emissions for each Utility / Fuel per site or group of sites for Financial Year or Calendar Years and can be calculated on a pro rata basis between two dates.

Emissions Y2Y Emissions Summary Emissions Yearly Emissions Splits
Quarterly Yearly Summary Quarterly Yearly Summary
Combined Reports

Shows data from multiple Utilities combined into a single report, across groups of sites or facilities.

Bills Reports

Bills Reports are available for all Utilities and resources and will display entered bills filtered by site and date with optional sub-totals for each site.

Bill Totals Bill Sub-tot Bill Totals Bill Sub-tot Bill Totals Bill Sub-tot
Daily Half Hour Daily Half Hour Daily Half Hour
Production Reporting

With a flexible production module, KPI's and comparisons with usage and costs can be reported. Examples include:

- Solar, incorporating savings

- Pumping Volumes

- Floor Areas